The Search Web service is used to perform full text searches on the structured data indexed on an OSF Web Service instance. A search query can be as simple as querying the data store for a single keyword, or to query it using a series of complex filters. Each search query can be applied to all, or a subset of, datasets accessible by the requester. All of the full text queries comply with the Lucene querying syntax.

Each Search query can be filtered by these different filtering criteria:

  1. Type of the record(s) being requested
  2. Dataset where the record(s) got indexed
  3. Presence of an attribute describing the record(s)
  4. A specific value, for a specific attribute describing the record(s)
  5. A distance from a lat/long coordinate (for Web Service geo-enabled OSF Web Service instance)
  6. A range of lat/long coordinates (for Web Service geo-enabled OSF Web Service instance)

Developers communicate with the Search Web service using the HTTP POST method. You may request one of the following mime types: (1) text/xml, (2) application/rdf+xml, (3) application/rdf+n3 or (4) application/json. The content returned by the Web service is serialized using the mime type requested and the data returned depends on the parameters selected.

For full documentation on this Web service, see Search.