The Ontology Delete service is used to delete an OWL ontology that already exists within an OSF Web Service instance, or an entity within an existing ontology. An entity can be a class, an object property, a datatype property, an annotation property or a named individual.

This Web service is a wrapper over the OWLAPI ontology library. It wraps all the needed functionality related to deleting an ontology or an entity within an ontology. Most of the related API has been implemented. Essentially, this service (along with its other related services) turns the OWLAPI into a Web service API.

Developers communicate with the Ontology Delete Web service using the HTTP POST method. You may request one of the following mime types: (1) text/xml, (2) application/rdf+xml, (3) application/rdf+n3 or (4) application/json. The content returned by the Web service is serialized using the mime type requested and the data returned depends on the parameters selected.

For full documentation on this Web service, see Ontology Delete.