Michael Bergman, CEO of Structured Dynamics, the company behind the Open Semantic Framework, will be presenting an invited presentation March 13 on OSF at one of the continuing virtual sessions of Ontology Summit 2014. The title of his presentation is "OSF (Open Semantic Framework): An Ontology-driven Semantic Platform for Enterprise."

The Open Semantic Framework is a complete and integrated software stack to bring semantic technology capabilities to the enterprise. OSF combines best-of-class open source engines with specific Web service and other enhancements developed by Structured Dynamics. OSF v 3.0 is supported by a complete 500 document knowledge base covering all aspects of installation, use and best practices. The presentation will discuss OSF's architecture and components and briefly showcase notable instances.

Ontology Summit 2014, with this year's theme of "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology," is a continuation of the annual series of community presentations to the Ontolog Forum, an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the field of ontology, ontological engineering and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards. Ontolog is known for its annual summits and annual statements of ontology priorities.